Tabletop gaming had been an important part of Time Machine Hobby since it moved to Manchester. Fortunately, near the end of 2012, an opportunity arose for Time Machine Hobby to expand its gaming department and the space that is currently known as The Portal was started. Originally the space was just available for people to play games; but, after a few months, we moved the retail product from Time Machine Hobby to The Portal and it continued to expand. Here at The Portal we now have an area dedicated to general gaming, an area dedicated to tabletop miniatures games, and an area with our merchandise to support the events that we run. Due to the way the facility is divided we can even run coinciding events without a problem. Our avid volunteers run everything from Roman to futuristic games using painted model soldiers and custom terrain, and we are always looking for more people interested in running events.

Our gaming center is open to the public for war games, board games, and card games. We have 15 tables with terrain suited for Warhammer 40k, Fantasy, Warmachine, Bolt Action, and Flames of War.