Warhammer 40,000's space-fantasy setting spans a vast fictional universe set in the far future of the forty-first millennium. Expansions for Warhammer 40,000 are released periodically which give rules for urban, planetary siege and large-scale combat. Players can assemble collected miniature figures representing futuristic soldiers, creatures and vehicles of war, into armies which can be pitted against those of other players. Each player brings a roughly equal complement of units to a tabletop battlefield with terrain created and maintained by The Portal. The players then decide upon a scenario, ranging from simple skirmishes to complex battles involving defended objectives and reinforcements. The models are physically moved around the tabletop and the actual distance between models plays a role in the outcome of combat. Play is turn-based, with various outcomes determined by tables and the roll of dice. Battles may last anywhere from a half-hour to a whole weekend, and battles may be strung together to form campaigns.


Rules for tournaments are determined on a tournament by tournament basis. For more specific information about Warhammer 40000 RPG tournament rules, contact The Portal today.


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